Big Ramy, Dennis Wolf & William Bonac confirms – Competing in the 2018 Arnold Classic Ohio

Dennis Wolf, Big Ramy, Cedric McMillan and William Bonac to fight it out at the Arnold Classic 2018.

After Mr. Olympia 2017, we have big upcoming event the Arnold Classics 2018! (in March) with the defending champ Cedric McMillan, Dennis Wolf, William Bonac & Big Ramy!

Will the Arnold Classics 2018 become more interesting than the Mr. Olympia 2017?

William Bonac has already been training for Mr. Olympia 2018 after his fantastic 3rd place finish off as of this year’s Mr. Olympia:

“11 Weeks out from the 2018 @arnoldsports in Columbus Ohio.. .
We started Prep only 3 weeks ago for this show. 2017 has been an Amazing year for William, his shape, his condition, his lines, his separation and dense dense Quality muscle is a testimony of his hard work and efforts.
I PROMISE you this everyone, we take Everything serious when we Prep for shows. Together, we believe in each other, we are there for each other, we stand strong together and we respect each other.
So bring on the battle that we both face everyday, because every battle becomes victory or loss, freedom or a silent peaceful mind.
One thing I feed off is struggles in life, negativity and disrespect only fuels my fire, and believe me my fire Fucking roars 🔥” – William Bonac

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