Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest Training

When discussions of great chest development arise, there is one name that is always mentioned, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold may not have the greatest chest of all time but he’s definitely in the top two! The Schwarzenegger chest was complete. Huge, thick pecs from top to bottom coupled with an equally large rib cage. To see Arnold Schwarzenegger doing his chest workout in Pumping Iron is a sight to behold!


“I always like to start my chest routine with barbell bench presses. I’ll use the pyramid principle, starting with a lighter weight & going to a heavy weight for six reps. After that I’ll do barbell presses on an incline to hit the upper chest. These I like to do for 10 to 15 reps & get a good pump. After that I do dumbbell flyes on a flat bench to really stretch out my pecs & hit the inner part & finally I’ll end my routine with dips, & I lean into these a lot. This also stretch out my pecs & get a lot of blood in there. Dips also focuses more on my lower pecs.” – Arnold

Arnold’s Chest Training

Bench Presses 5 20-6
Incline barbell Presses 5 10-15
Dumbbell flyes 5 10-15
Weighted Dips 5 15


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