Build Muscle Faster & Better

So today, I want to share five quick tips to jump-start growth in any muscle. Nothing crazy, no groundbreaking secrets.
Is it possible to build muscle faster than you are currently doing? Are there any shortcuts to gaining weight & building muscle? Can you out train a bad diet?When I first started working out I had no idea what I was doing. I would train pretty hard but my diet & nutrition sucked. I pretty much would train real hard but never paid any special attention to what I was eating. Sure I was gaining weight but it was unhealthy weight & delaying my muscle building potential.I was trying to out train my bad diet & it never worked. You see you can lift weights all you want but if you are not paying attention to what you are eating you’ll never see good quality muscle gains. So here are some quick tips:

  • Shopping Smart

When you go shopping at the grocery store do not shop the middle isles. The middle isles are filled with can goods or boxed products. Most of these items are bad for you & will not get you the muscle gains you’re looking for. Some of these items will lead you to believe that they’re healthy but they’re not. Teach yourself to read the back of the label. If it has a whole list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce, stay away from it.

  • Stay hydrated

Working out as hard as you have to in order to gain muscle can dry you out quickly. Combat this by carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go, & drinking whenever you feel thirsty. Ideally, you should be consuming around 3 liters per day.
Give up sugary or carbonated drinks. They won’t help your overall fitness, & they might actually hold you back when it comes to strength training.To-be-successful-stay-hydrated

  • Training Nutrition

There are all different kinds of ways to build muscle in the gym, well actually when your working out you are breaking down the muscle. When it comes to your training you should be well hydrated with water. You will be amazed how strong you are when you’re well hydrated, at least 10% stronger. Try sipping on a high carbohydrate drink mixed with 20 grams of BCAA’s during your workout. After your workout consume a protein shake followed by 20 more grams of BCAA’s. BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) help repair muscle breakdown leading to quicker recovery.

  • The Importance Of Post Workout Nutrition

What you eat after a workout is crucial. After consuming a protein shake 20 minutes after your workout you should wait at least an hour to eat whole food. Eat a protein with complex carbohydrates & vegetables. Your muscles need a lot of nutrients after a workout & without the proper nutrition, you’re wasting your time in the gym. Some examples our:

  • Chicken & brown rice with mixed veggies.
  • Chicken & yams with mixed veggies.
  • Egg whites & oatmeal
  • Fish & rice with mixed veggies.
  • Turkey & sweet potato with veggies.

If you don’t eat meat for protein eat the following below: Yogurt, Beans, Eggs, Egg Whites, Chickpeas, Whey Protein Shakes etc.



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