Drop Sets vs Normal Sets for Muscle Growth

When it comes to the quest of maximizing muscle growth, a variety of different training methods are often employed. One popular training method, drop sets, are a perfect example. First off, what are drop sets? Drop sets simply involve performing one or more sets with a lighter weight immediately after you finish your heavy set. You can do drop sets for arms, chest, back, and so on – you could even do a whole drop set workout if you wanted to. They’re typically used to accumulate volume in a shorter amount of time, achieve a greater muscle pump, and elicit more metabolic stress than you would with standard straight sets. Which would theoretically mean that drop sets can lead to better muscle growth and mass gain. However, given that recent research has revealed that metabolic stress may not be as important for muscle growth as we once thought, it begs the question as to whether drop sets are worth incorporating at all, or whether sticking to normal straight sets would instead be best.


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Drop set studies:………
Failure studies:……

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