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Kai Greene returns in the third installment of Generation Iron.

Bodybuilding has changed a lot since the release of the Generation Iron but one thing has remained consistent across all three of the films – Kai Greene. But much like the state of bodybuilding, Kai Greene too has changed a lot. He no longer competes as a professional bodybuilder at the Olympia (or any other pro competition for that matter) and has expanded his vision and reach beyond the sport. But that doesn’t mean he left bodybuilding as a whole behind. He still keeps a massive and shredded physique (causing many to believe he will any moment return to the stage) and he still keeps the principles with him in every endeavor he embarks on.

That’s why he’s still a part of Generation Iron 3 and on December 7th you will get to see the next steps of Kai yet again in a feature length film. To celebrate and get you pumped – we’ve released this Kai Greene focused preview trailer of Generation Iron 3. It’s just a taste of what is to come. Check it out above!

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