Jay Cutler: Comeback – 2013 Mr Olympia

Jay Cutler has had an incredible bodybuilding career so far & the 39 year old does not look like stopping. He has incredible size that is tough to match & has a solid pedigree in this sport. Cutler holds a few records which need to be mentioned before talking about his chances this year. He won his first of four Mr Olympia titles in 2006, beating the legendary Ronnie Coleman. Jay only competed once in 2005, coming second at the O but shocked the world in 2006 when he beat Coleman in the Austrian, Dutch and Romanian Grand Prix’s before rounding the year off with a great win at the Olympia.

Apart from that impressive fact about the ‘swollen monkey’, he is also the only competitor in history to win back his Mr Olympia title after losing it. The big question is, can he do the same thing this year against his good friend Phil Heath?

I would not bet against him! If anyone can win back his title it is Mr Jay Cutler. It will be a tough task, arguably a lot tougher then when he had to win it back from Dexter Jackson. Let’s look at the negatives and positives of Cutler’s chances to winning a fifth Mr Olympia Title.


1. Cutler’s main rival would undoubtedly be the current champion Phil Heath who is 6 years younger than Jay and very much at the pinacle of his career right now. When Cutler won the title back from Dexter Jackson, Dexter was already 40.

2. Why did Jay lose last year? Did he lose size last year? No. Was his conditioning off? No, if it was he wouldn’t have finished 2nd. Jay had everything spot on, Phil Heath just came in bigger, better, and with absolutely perfect conditioning. No one would be able to beat the package that Phil Heath brought to stage last year


1. With becoming the new Mr Olympia, Phil Heath has been fulfilling his responsibilities as the new champion which includes touring all over the world. He’s been away from home for most of the year and has hardly had enough time to try and add size. On the other hand, Jay Cutler has been to Canada and the FIBO Expo in Germany. The rest of his time he has been touring in the US. Being that close to home allows Jay to eat and train on schedule. That gives the big guy a MASSIVE advantage and may be what he needs to fight for his place back at the top of the hill

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