Muscle Mass-Killing Mistakes

When carrying outmuscle bodybuilding exercises, there are various blunders that you can make. Theseblunders make it hard for you to achieve results in the gym such that you exerciseso hardly only to realize that in the end no changes have been made. These blundersinclude but are not limited to:

  • Stopping motion midway

When exercising,you may stop a motion before completing it. This is a major blunder that manypeople do when trying to build muscles. For instance, you may stop doing asquat halfway. Research shows that if you perform full squats, you would gainmore thigh mass that a person who does more half squats than your completesquats. When a muscle is fully stretched, it contracts harder such thatcompleting a motion while exercising would give better results more quickly.


  • Stopping before Failure

Another major blunder that many make while exercising is stopping before failure. This iswhereby you stop exercising before you fail in the particular exercise. Gainingmuscles can be better realized by ensuring that you select weights thatchallenge you to failure when in the gym. When you train your body to failure,your muscle fibers tend to break more and thereby muscles become bigger andstronger. When you exercise beyond failure, better results are achieved. Thus, alwaysset a target weight or number of reps that are challenging. When you wantbetter results, always surpass your set targets.

  • Over-Isolating

Over-isolating body parts fail to give good results when trying to build body muscles. You shouldalways ensure that most of movements made when exercising involve major bodyparts but not specific body parts. You should limit yourself to at most threeisolation exercises and focus on exercises such as presses, rows, dips, dead-lifts,and pull-ups. Such moves ensure there is more muscle mass development when exercising.


  • Not Warming Up Properly

Failure to warm up properly before carrying out gym exercises may weaken your overall performancein the gym. Warming up properly is of uttermost importance as it increases thecore body temperature before training in the gym. Proper warm up reduces thechances of getting injuries while doing exercise in the gym. This also ensuresthat your performance in the gym will be more productive, thereby increasingchances of building muscles.

You should always ensure that before every gym workout performance, you take some time to do warmup in order to prepare joints and muscles for gym performances. Proper warm up activitiesinclude jumping jacks, shadowboxing, jumping jacks and running in place amongothers. Once you do such activities, you can go ahead to do more hard exercise suchas power skips and jumping lunges among others. This can be followed by thehardest activities such as lifting weights.

More to that,rest speeds should also be observed while exercising. You should always ensurethat you do not rest for too long between performances. You should always onthe move in the gym to achieve better results quickly.

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