Rest Less to Shred Harder

Muscles grow due to muscle damage brought about by vigorous physical exercise and consumption of a diet rich in protein since protein in the body is vital for muscle development.An individual who undertakes these activities is referred to as a bodybuilder.All bodybuilders are gym-goers and majority believe that the rate of your muscle growth is directly proportional to the weight lifted.They think that lifting heavy weights would increase the rate of muscle damage but to the contrary,a recent study has shown that cutting down on rest time between sets while training is the most effective way of damaging muscles.Muscle damage is characterized by DOMS (Delay On Set Muscle Soreness) a condition of muscle pains,stiffness or sourness that occurs after vigorous physical exercise. This phenomena is frequently experienced by beginners,when one resumes training after a longtime,when one changes the training routines or through increasing the intensity and duration of training.


A research carried out by Brazilian researchers where four sets of biceps curls were performed. A weight that could only limit them to six reps in an individual set was used. The first round they had a resting time of three minutes between sets and later only one minute. They experienced that the intensity of muscle damage was more when they had a rest time of one minute than when they rested for three minutes.
Quality training is determined by the duration of resting in between sets.Too much resting time relaxes the muscles due to adequate healing time and as a result i reduces muscle damage. too less time fatigues the muscle leading to more “burns” as a result of muscle damage and consequently growth.

The big question now comes. How long (between sets) should one rest while training? Many theories from different thoughts have been put forward concerning the rest time and many would say one minute, thirty seconds,fifteen seconds depending on the mood and the morale during the training session. This shows that there is no scientifically set rest time and thus it is relative.People are unique just like the fingerprints and thus one may take one minute to heal fully from a training while the other may take thirty seconds.

As mentioned earlier,resting time is determined by mood and morale.Furthermore,it my be determined by your goal of working out. People train for strength,muscle growth or to increase body stamina. A person training for strength lifts heavy weights,fewer reps and rests for long,on average(three to five minutes). A bodyduilder,who trains for muscle growth and development is advised to lift lighter weights,more reps and rest less in between sets.This increases muscle endurance and damage.Short rest durations also increases lactate production and facilitates blood flow
to the muscles (Kraemer, 1997; Kraemer et al, 1987).

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