The Paleo Diet Review (Caveman Diet)

So how does the Paleo Diet work?

The Paleo diet has been around for quite some time. And it’s been dubbed the “blast from the past diet”. Those who follow this diet keep this attitude “if it was good enough for the caveman, than it’s good enough for me”. The diet follows a meat and poultry way of life, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. The diet says goodbye to refined sugars and other kinds of junk food. It also says goodbye to the pastas that we love to eat so much. It’s pretty similar to the atkins and the eco-atkids diet plans. The paleo diet plan has many programs to follow and what you wish to achieve with the diet depends on a few things. It depends on what you want to eat and how much of it.


The Paelo diet is too brand new in regards to research to note if you lose any weight or not. Some studies have suggest that some have lost up to 5 pounds in a few weeks. But even these studies have been termed “under-resourceful”. Are there any risks with this diet plan? yes, there are a few. by eliminating dairy and other grain products your body is not getting some of the proper nutrients it needs. You also need to make good choices with the meats that you eat on this diet. If you don’t eat leaner cuts of meats and other poultry you might be putting yourself at risk for heart problems.

Under the dietary guidelines, the daily intake for this diet comes to these percentages:

  • Fats-–You get about 39%, which is a bit higher than the daily required amount of 35%
  • Carbs–You should get between 45-60% and with this diet you get about 23%
  • Proteins–You should get between 10 and 35% and with this diet you get about 38%
  • Salt--The daily amount should be about 2300mg and if you are older than 51 you should get about 1500 mg. With this diet you get less than this, a great deal less than this amount.


As for exercise, the lifestyle represents a more out-door routine to follow. It focuses more on intense strength training and leaves behind the notion of steady-state cardio and machine-based workouts. It also tresses a relax and recover time. Exercising should be about supporting your body. it should also be about leaving you energized and full of strength, not about living with sore muscles. The Paleo lifestyle is about discovering what diet and fitness program works best for the individual. It gives the person the satisfaction of feeling good after a workout and being physically active, not moving the body in ways it was not meant to.

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