Top Mistakes That Ruin Your Workout!

Working out several times a wee can be tough for most of us, it requires dedication, mental focus, a good diet and it must of course be enjoyable. But sometimes we all make common mistakes that can be detrimental to our workout routines, costing us lost muscle gain, early fatigue, or even cause us to burn out mid way through a workout.


  • Not Having a Workout Routine

Nobody would go to the gym and randomly lift weights on a bunch of exercises in no logical order and without making a note of the weight they lifted and the number of reps completed, would they? Unfortunately people do, I have seen it time and time again, guys coming in and going from machine to machine, exercise to exercise, never making a note of what they did.

How can you expect to get stronger, bigger or more powerful if you never use a workout routine or write it down? The answer is: YOU CANT

  • Poor Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Before a workout you need an adequate supply of energy to fuel your workout, for most of us this would be a protein shake, Creatine shake, or a small 200-300 calorie protein/carb mix, usually consumed 60-90 minutes before a workout. For the post workout meal this would normally be a carb/protein meal sometimes consumed with a protein shake.Of course everyone is different in what they consume before and after they workout, but not consuming the right type of food or supplements before and after a workout will be detrimental to your routine.I have spoken to people in the gym who have eaten chocolate bars, bags of chips etc. One guy even had an energy drink before working out as he, and I quote “hadn’t eaten much that day”. How can you expect to build muscle, increase strength or power if you don’t get the proper nutrition your body needs!
  • Too Much Chatting

Rest between sets is a crucial factor of your workout routine, not enough rest and you can burn out to quickly, too much rest and you can warm down and run the risk of injury, especially when lifting heavy.

Too much talking between sets is okay, providing you are aware of rest times, unfortunately this never tends to be the case, most people use the gym as a social outlet to chat with their friends.

  • Not Stretching Between Sets

There is a time to stretch your muscles, and this is between your sets. Stretching between sets can prevent injury to the muscle you are working, it will also make you stronger when you perform the next set.

  • Recovery

You’ve certainly heard or re
ad this before. You don’t make muscle gains during training, you make them after the session during sleep and recovery. So why are you and the afore mentioned yoga pants/sports bra girl out partying at 3AM? (okay, I know why!) Missing sleep, missing meals and missing your post-workout nutrition are three of the easiest ways to guarantee you will not reach your goals. Put down the beer funnel and get to bed.As most people are aware sleep is associated with an increase in growth hormone, which is instrumental in the process of fat loss and muscle building.


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